Remu Brasil Ltda emerged on September, 25th, 2014 with the aim to give continuity to the internationalization process started by the founder of the Italian Group, Remu Srl.

Since 2008 Remu Srl has been exporting its products to Argentine and Brazil, by providing them to those companies working in Oil & Gas market and in the manufacturing of rubber and polyurethane transmission.

The choice of Brazil as place where to open a new plant for the group was suggested by its strategic centrality. Remu Group aims to seize the numerous opportunities that all Latin America area offers and to ensure permanent relations with its customers and a quick response to their needs thanks to its proximity to them.

The main goal is to cover a larger and larger part of the market in those sectors where the founder Company extols an international experience started in 1972: Oil & Gas, Manufacture of rubber and polyurethane transmission, Cosmetics & Pharmaceutical and Iron & Steel.


Be the best partner for its customers.


Our MISSION is to design and manufacture mechanical components, equipment and machinery for high quality industry and provide maintenance service.

The customization of its relations with the customer, pursued through a consultative approach, is our added value.

Area of the site

Remu Brasil Ltda plant will be located in the industrial district of São Pedro da Aldeia, on a 10,000 sq. meters’ estate of which 3,000 sq. meters will be destined for the production and the rest for warehouses and for service streets.

São Pedro da Aldeia and REMU

The choice to invest in São Pedro da Aldeia is mayor Claudio Chumbinho’s merit who has highlighted the proximity of the new industrial district to the biggest petrochemical pole in Latin America: Macaè.

The partnership between Remu Group, represented by its Chairman/Manager Carlo Marasca, and the city of São Pedro da Aldeia, ruled by the persevering political will of the major Claudio Chumbinho’s town council, was confirmed with the preliminary agreement signed on June, 25th, 2014.

This agreement was presented for the first time between 15-18th September 2014, on the occasion of Rio Oil & Gas Exhibition, where Remu took part as exhibitor and was accompanied by the mayor, Claudio Chumbinho.

The installation of Remu Brasil Ltda plant in the industrial district of São Pedro da Aldeia will be helpful for the realization of the important and ambitious project of economic and territorial development of Chumbinho’s town, through the employment of local people and the carrying out of training courses, in order to train skilled staff for our manufacturing activities.